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Fiji Russian Silk Shawl


Artist: Fadeeva Valeria

Size: 89x89cm/25x25"

Material: 100% silk (satin).

This nice Russian shawl is made of 100% high quality natural finest satin silk in technique of printing on designs of Russian artists. The design of this silk scarf was inspirited by colorful and vivid flora and fauna of Fiji.

The shawl is manufactured at the known all over the world Russian shawl factory located in Pavlovskiy Posad in Moscow region.

Actually the factory started its activity in 1795 as silk weaving manufacture but later its main products were printed wool shawls. Recently the factory renew production of silk scarves.

Here are some direction how to use and wear the scarf. The manufacturer recommends to use only dry cleaning in spite fact that they used high quality fade proof dyes. Though as practice of using these shawls shows that this is possible to wash them under some simple rules. 1)Use only cold water; 2) Wash the shawls only manually; 3) Use soft soap; 4) Dry the shawl on a flat surface; 5) Iron it at appropriate for silk fabrics mode.

Size 89x89cm/25x25"