Russian Woolen and Knitted Scarves and Shawls

Welcome to the "Russian Shawl" site. The site is dedicated to Pavlovsky Posad wool scarves made at the factory in Pavlovo-Posad town (Pavlovsky Posad shawls) and knitted lace Orenburg shawls and stoles knitted of goat down yearn in the Orenburg region ( so called Orenburg shawls).

Russian woman scarves and shawls since old times were essential parts of woman’s costumes and they had large importance. Till this time a woman, who is attending the church service at the Russian Orthodox church, should have her head covered with a shawl or a stole. In accordance with Russian traditions a married woman could not be in public without a shawl on her head. In past each Russian woman had many different scarves shawls for any season and any occasions. That is why Russia has old and significant traditions of making scarves.

The most famous shawls were made at the Pavlovo Posad factory. This factory still works and its products are in great demand in spite of modern fashion trends. Pavlovo-Posad wool and silk woman shawls, scarves and stoles are in fashion, especially in Scandinavian countries. Theses items are made of wool and they have bright color ornaments.

Other famous Russian shawls, stoles are scarves are knitted of goat down yearn  in Orenburg region, which is a center of this craft. Orenburg lace knitted goat down scarves and thik warm shawls are known by their delicate work and elegant patterns; they are knitted by hand and often are real pieces of art.